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Customizable Pest Treatments To Eliminate What’s Bugging You

At EM Pest Control, we're not the typical pest control company that just comes to your home or business, sprays pesticide once over, then drives away to the next call. New York homes and businesses have no shortage of pests looking to get inside them all year-round, so EM Pest Control specializes in providing year-round pest management services that protect properties from the damages and dangers pests bring.

Check out what makes our services stand out from the rest by learning more about the dangerous local pests, the innovative ways we deal with them, and more about the experiences that shaped who we are as a company today.

Our Mission Statement:

Provide our customers with the safest, most effective, and highest quality treatments in all the communities we service. We are committed to continuing education, research, and scientific data of disease-carrying rodents, insects, as well as nuisance pests. We have the resources to help keep homes and businesses pests free.