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Effective Pest Control Services In Stony Brook, NY

Situated on Long Island’s North Shore, the hamlet of Stony Brook is a highly desirable location for individuals and families alike. It’s home to one of the highest-rated schools in the SUNY system, packed with locally-owned eateries, bars, and shops, while also being centrally located, meaning adventure in any direction awaits. The area experiences four seasons with a mild fall and spring, chilly winter, and a warm, humid summer, which makes it ideal for individuals but unfortunately very attractive to pests.

EM Pest Control is dedicated to offering Stony Brook homeowners and businesses the highest quality pest control around. Our focus is service, solutions, and satisfaction, so if you’re looking to get serious about protecting your property from pests, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Stony Brook, NY

At EM Pest Control, we’re dedicated to providing Stony Brook homeowners with the highest quality, specialized home pest control services around. We know that you have a lot going on and pests get in the way of that.

During our initial inspection of your property, our technicians will gain a comprehensive understanding of either any pest problems you’re encountering or conditions present on your property that could attract them. From there, we’ll work with you to develop a treatment and follow-up plan that fits your schedule and budget while ensuring sustainable results.

Our technicians undergo regular training and we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and services so that we can better treat your problems. So contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and keep your property pest-free.

Commercial Pest Control In Stony Brook, NY

When pests happen to your business, the damage they cause can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. EM Pest Control is here to help you through any pest problem that you might face, so that you can get back to business. We work with local hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, warehouses, and more to ensure that their people and property remain safe and free of pests.

At EM Pest Control, we always work to have a full understanding of your property and get to the root cause of your pest problems. From there, we work with business owners to develop a treatment and follow-up routine that ensures we meet all of your goals. We are committed to always offering our commercial clients the latest, safest technologies, superior customer service, and results that they can count on. Contact us today to get started keeping your business pest-free with our reliable commercial pest solutions.

How To Know If There Is A Bed Bug Problem In Your Stony Brook Home

Bed bugs are parasitical hitchhikers, which means that they latch onto a host and go for a free ride straight into your Stony Brook home. Once inside, they hide and fester inside places like couches, mattresses, and kitchen appliances. Bed bug infestations are not the easiest to spot, but here are a few of the signs that may indicate whether or not you’re facing this issue:

  • Yellow-colored staining on bed linens or mattresses
  • A musty odor
  • Waking up covered in large red welts that are painful to the touch
  • Bed bug byproducts like eggs, eggshells, nymphs, or fecal matter
  • Visible bed bugs themselves

For bed bug prevention information or to completely eradicate a current infestation, contact the professionals at EM Pest Control today.

Three Things Every Stony Brook Homeowner Should Know About Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes may seem harmless, according to the World Health Organization, they are the deadliest animal in the world because of the pathogens and diseases that they spread. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor time.

Here are three things that every Stony Brook homeowner should know:

  1. Mosquitoes are very attracted to humans. Because they require our blood in order to reproduce, it should come as no surprise that mosquitoes are attracted to everything from our sweat to the type of blood we have to whether or not our clothes were washed with scented detergent.
  2. There are certain scents they don’t like. Plants like citronella, catnip, lemon eucalyptus, and peppermint are all repellent to mosquitoes.
  3. Mosquito season is long. While the peak of the season coincides with the summer, mosquito season in its entirety spans from April through October.

For the safest, most effective protection against mosquitoes, contact the professionals at EM Pest Control today.

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