Tick Identification & Control

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Size: 1/4 inch

Color: Color varies with species

Shape: Oval, Flattened

How Did I Get Ticks?

Like bed bugs, ticks are hitchhikers. They can crawl on to clothing, luggage, bags, pets, mice, rats, and wildlife (raccoons, birds, opossums) that live near your property or manage to get inside your home or business.

Tick Prevention and Control Tips

  • Outside, ticks hide in tall grass, weeds, bushes, and tree branches that are touching your home or business. Keep grass mowed, weeds cut, bushes trimmed and cut tree branches.

  • Carefully and thoroughly check your pets. 

  • Use tick repellent on your clothes.

  • Consult with your veterinarian for different tick treatment options for your pets.

  • Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants to prevent ticks biting your skin

  • Wash sheets and clothes.

Commonly Found Ticks

  • Brown Dog Tick

  • Deer (Blacklegged) Tick

  • American Dog Tick

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