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Professional Pest Control For Oyster Bay , NY Properties

Founded as early as 1653, the town of Oyster Bay is one of Long Island’s most recognizable cities. The town is only 30 miles from Jersey City, and 27 miles away from the heart of the Big Apple. The Oyster Bay community has given rise to some of the most famous names in American history, including Sean Hannity, Billy Joel, and President Theodore Roosevelt. Home to more than 300,000 people, Oyster Bay is a city that is accustomed to big things and surprising events.

However, the area is much less equipped to handle high-intensity infestations, including those caused by pest species. Much of the area is afflicted by problems associated with rodents, termites, and even wildlife creatures like raccoons and opossums. Oyster Bay residents deserve to live their lives free of fear. That’s why the team at EM Pest Control delivers fast-acting, highly affordable treatments to any property in the Oyster Bay area. We are committed to helping our customers find their perfect fit for pest control – today, tomorrow, and beyond. Call today to book an appointment now. 

Home Pest Control In Oyster Bay , NY

There are many reasons why Oyster Bay homeowners trust EM Pest Control with all their residential pest control needs. Not only has our team been in business for 15+ years, but we have dedicated ourselves to the protection, prevention, and mitigation of common residential pests.

Residential pest control plans from EM Pest Control eliminate vermin like termites and rodents with only a few simple treatments. Other creatures, including spiders and wildlife creatures, are covered under our unique residential plans. We make it easy to protect your home from additional damages by creating a barrier that lasts for several weeks, giving you peace of mind for the long term. Residential pest control for your Oyster Bay home is only a call, click, or scheduled visit away. 

Commercial Pest Control In Oyster Bay , NY

At EM Pest Control, we strive to be more than just a pest control company. We deliver actionable and fast-acting pest services to a wide variety of Oyster Bay businesses, including but not limited to restaurants, multi-family housing units, B2B organizations, and government buildings. There’s no commercial pest control plan we can’t use, and no infestation we can’t address.  Here is what a typical commercial pest control visit from EM Pest Control might look like:

  • Initial inspection and pest identification
  • Investigative report and comprehensive treatment services
  • Pest-free guarantees and re-treatments if necessary

EM Pest Control is Oyster Bay’s number one commercial pest control provider. Book your appointment by submitting an online contact form.

What Brings Termites To Properties In Oyster Bay?

There are several reasons why termites could be approaching your Oyster Bay home or business. While not all infestation factors are caused by human intervention, several of them are controllable and manageable. Here are some of the manageable factors of an Oyster Bay termite presence:

  • The presence of wet, rotting, or molding wood
  • A large amount of landscape mulching in or around the yard
  • High levels of humidity inside dark areas of the home (bathrooms, kitchens, basements, etc.)

Other termite factors may be outside of your control, and require the help of the professionals at EM Pest Control. Here’s what we can do to keep your home or business safe:

  • Apply bait and monitoring stations to critical areas around the property.
  • Spray a perimeter around buildings, lawns, and fence lines.
  • Use a preconstruction mix of termite abatement to ensure protection for many years.

EM Pest Control is happy to provide a termite inspection service at any time. Reach out to our team to schedule a time that works for you.

How To Keep Nuisance Wildlife Out Of Your Oyster Bay Home

Contrary to popular belief, wildlife species are not only confined to the rural areas of New York. A large number of nuisance wildlife species can be found right here in Oyster Bay. Several different species may choose to infest lawns or buildings, including raccoons, possums, and pest birds. The proper mitigation of these creatures is paramount to continued protection, but if pests begin to show signs of infestation, stronger prevention methods will be needed.

Here are some quick and easy ways to keep nuisance wildlife species out of your Oyster Bay home:

  • Control all garbage left in or around the property. Keep all trash inside sealed bins. Ensure that all garbage is inside a plastic bag or liner.
  • Do what you can to reduce easy food access around the property. Consistently clean the home to eliminate excess crumbs or smears, particularly to fend against smaller wildlife creatures.
  • Ensure that all cracks and gaps have been sealed with a form of waterproof caulking.

If wildlife species continue to cause problems around your Oyster Bay home, do not hesitate to reach out to EM Pest Control for a wildlife inspection and treatment plan.

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