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As one of the biggest towns in the Nassau County, New York area, the city of North Hempstead is a burgeoning bedroom community housing over 225,000 unique people. From incredible local eateries to beautiful island vistas, North Hempstead attracts some of the best and brightest folks from all over the state.

More than a quarter-million people live and thrive in this historical islet, but they are certainly not alone. Dangerous pest species have been flocking to homes, businesses, and properties all over the area, endangering residents and their way of life. North Hempstead may experience cold temperatures during the winter and spring months, but they are increasingly not enough to dissuade pest species from infesting during the growing season.

As one of the biggest champions of North Hempstead’s safety and security, EM Pest Control has been protecting local properties with years of professional experience. Protect what matters with our knowledgeable team today.

Home Pest Control In North Hempstead, NY

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Everyone in North Hempstead, NY needs a helping hand for their yearly pest control efforts. At EM Pest Control, we specialize in creating residential pest control plans that fit any need or niche. Defend your home from exterior pests such as spiders, mosquitoes, and ticks, or encircle your home with protective barriers against rodents, bed bugs, and termites. Here’s what you can expect from a residential pest control treatment with EM Pest Control:

  • Thorough inspections of the interior and exterior of the property.
  • Treatments that involve liquid products, dusts, baits, traps, and certain eco-friendly options.
  • The EM Pest Control guarantee, protecting your property with future visits, treatments, and protection plans.

Trust highly qualified services from EM Pest Control to create a winning residential pest control plan. Call now to schedule a service, or speak with a representative about your options.

Commercial Pest Control In North Hempstead, NY

No matter what you do or whom you serve, a winning pest control plan is vital to the security of your business model. Customers need to feel safe and secure inside your business, prompting them to purchase the supplies and services that keep you in business. The future of your business's good reviews is grounded in excellent experiences with your company, which should never be marred by pest interaction, damage, or disease. EM Pest Control comes to your rescue, with experience serving businesses in the following industries:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels And Motels
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Warehouses And Storage Units

Call now to book an inspection for commercial pest control needs, or learn more about how we can protect your North Hempstead, NY business here.

Four Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation In North Hempstead, NY

Bed bug infestations are dangerous and difficult to remove from the average household. By hitchhiking to the home via people, pets, and luggage, our cycle of bed bug infestations in North Hempstead is projected to get worse before it gets better.

Keeping yourself safe from bed bug activity begins with actionable knowledge about risk levels, protection types, and treatment services. While established bed bug infestations should be treated by professional pest services from EM Pest Control, their initial activity can be stopped by identifying signs and symptoms of their burgeoning activity. Below are four of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation in North Hempstead:

1. Spatter on bed sheets, pillowcases, pajamas, and other linens. Spatter may be dark red or brown -- one resulting from feeding activity, and one from bed bug waste deposits.

2. A strange, musky, almost sweet scent that fills the house. This odd smell may seem to permeate certain areas with little to no source point.

3.Bites that appear on areas of exposed skin, often raised, itchy, and in zig-zagging lines.

4. Sighting the insects themselves. Look for small, dark, oval-shaped insects about ¼ an inch long.

Need help checking for a bed bug infestation around your home? Contact the professionals at EM Pest Control for a bed bug inspection now. 

How Can I Get These Rodents Out Of My North Hempstead Home?

If you are currently suffering from a rodent infestation in North Hempstead, know that you are not alone. Both commercial businesses and residential properties are at-risk for their deleterious effects, usually ranging from physical damage to pathogen spread to personal injury.

Removing rodents from a home is impossible without professional control measures from a company like EM Pest Control. Without it, DIY (do it yourself) or personal rodent control will be significantly less effective. Not only do home rodent control remedies fail to work on infestations, but they may also:
Endanger pets, children, and loved ones with dangerous chemical combinations.
Damage your property, furniture, or personal belongings with corrosive active ingredients.
Provoke a rodent population to the point of physical injury.

Remove rats, mice, and other common forms of household rodents when you book rodent control services at EM Pest Control now.

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