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Lynbrook is known for its rich history and was originally a 17th-century Dutch and English settlement. It gradually became a favorite resort destination, being close to the South Shore beaches of Long Island. It is home to the historic Lynbrook Train Station, which you can find on the National Register of Historic Places.

But while residents enjoy the humid coastal climate, so do plenty of pests. Many other favorable conditions cause pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and termites to thrive, like plenty of water and food. Proper prevention measures and reliable pest control in Lynbrook, NY, can mitigate these issues.

Residential Pest Control In Lynbrook

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Home pest control in Lynbrook, NY, can benefit families in many ways. First, it helps create a safe living environment for your loved ones and pets. Infestations can pose serious health risks. Pests can transmit diseases and cause property damage, and eradicating and preventing them can help you relax, knowing your home is free from these threats.

Also, remember that unwanted guests like termites can cause extensive structural damage, leading to costly repairs. Regular pest inspections and treatments can help save you money in the long run.

And finally, our services can improve your overall quality of life. Call EM Pest Control today if you're ready to enjoy a pest-free home and better sleep, all with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that focuses on customer partnership, customized treatments that are safe for kids and pets, and more.

Commercial Pest Control In Lynbrook

Commercial pest control in Lynbrook, NY, offers numerous benefits to businesses, like ensuring a safe and productive environment for everyone. It goes without saying that a pest-free business is essential for maintaining a positive reputation. Even a single pest infestation can damage your brand's image.

Also, many industries have strict regulations, especially for food handling and healthcare facilities. We can help you comply with these regulations by doing the heavy lifting for you.

Pests like rodents and termites can also cause significant damage to your commercial property and lead to costly repairs. We can help prevent it with cost-effective strategies and customized, minimally disruptive solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Knowing your business is safe from pests can allow you to focus on core operations. Stop worrying about unexpected infestations and call us today to learn about our prompt, high-quality treatments with 24-hour service, state-of-the-art tools, environmentally friendly methods, and more.

Effective Tips For Termite Prevention In Lynbrook

Termites are some of the most dreaded wood-destroying insects. They cause billions of dollars in damages yearly and can have over one million members within a single property.

Here are some effective strategies to prevent them from taking over:

  • Schedule regular inspections: Annual visits by a licensed pest control professional can proactively spot signs of termites. Early detection is crucial. It allows for prompt intervention and prevents infestations from taking hold.
  • Reduce moisture: Termites thrive in damp environments. Fixing leaks is essential. Additionally, we recommend ensuring proper drainage and maintaining good ventilation in your home. Minimal moisture levels will create an environment less attractive to these destructive pests.
  • Remove wood-to-soil contact: Some termites require direct soil-to-wood contact to access your home. Maintain a gap in between to make reaching your property more challenging for termites.
  • Store firewood away: Keep wood products at least 20 feet from your home and elevate them off the ground whenever possible. Termites often infest stored lumber, but keeping it distant reduces the risk of them spreading to your home.
  • Seal cracks and gaps: Seal your foundation, walls, and roof to prevent termites from finding entry points and fortify your home against potential infestations.
  • Maintain gutters and downspouts: Ensure they properly divert rainwater away from your foundation to help reduce excess moisture around your property and make it less hospitable to termites.

Do you suspect termites or notice any signs of infestation? If so, it is time to learn about our termite treatment services and ongoing prevention strategies to keep your home safe. Call us today to get started.

Wildlife On Your Lynbrook Property? EM Pest Control Can Help

Wildlife, including squirrels, raccoons, and opossums, can pose severe challenges in Lynbrook. Squirrels, for instance, are adept at breaking into homes and causing damage by gnawing on wires and more. Raccoons are notorious for raiding gardens and dumpsters. They can leave a trail of mess and potential health risks. Opossums, while less aggressive, can still be a nuisance, especially if you have readily accessible food sources.

At EM Pest Control, we recognize the need for effective wildlife control. Our professional team can address infestations with excellent results.

Here are some proactive steps you can take for year-round prevention:

  • Secure garbage: Ensure your containers have fitted lids to deter raccoons and opossums.
  • Maintain your yard: Keep your yard free of anything wildlife can use for nesting.
  • Protect your garden: Fence in your garden and easily accessible fruit trees to prevent attracting animals.
  • Remove water sources: If your birdbaths attract unwanted wildlife, consider removing them.

EM Pest Control offers comprehensive solutions for wildlife control in Lynbrook to ensure a safer and cleaner environment. Get started today with an inspection.

EM Pest Control offers homes and businesses in Lynbrook comprehensive strategies to address the region's local pest challenges. Call today to request your free quote.

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