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Over seven million people call Long Island home. Given Long Island’s proximity to New York City, many of the people who live here commute for work. With seasonal environmental changes and the fluidity of its population, there are always opportunities for pest problems to arise.

At EM Pest Control, we meet these issues with premium pest control in Long Island that is based on science. Our company mission is to provide the most effective, highest quality treatments to local homes and businesses so that we can keep dangerous and damaging pests away. All of our pest technicians are licensed and we are dedicated to continuing education for our team. In addition, every service that we offer comes with a pest-free guarantee. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Long Island

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Pest problems can show up at your door at any point during the year, which is why EM Pest Control is here to help. Our Long Island pest control will always be provided by licensed pest specialists and every method that we use is eco-conscious and based on scientific findings. We are dedicated to ongoing education and cutting-edge techniques to always deliver the most effective service possible.

During our inspections, we address hot spots, conducive conditions, and even hidden moisture issues through our infrared system. While each homeowner benefits from a unique service plan, some of the offerings we provide include ant baits, spot treatments, wasp nest elimination, cobweb removal, and a perimeter barrier. And to fully ensure your peace of mind, we guarantee all of our work. To learn more about our residential pest control services in Long Island, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Long Island

When it comes to keeping your business safe, there’s no replacement for Long Island pest control from EM Pest Control. We are a team of licensed and expertly trained pest professionals who are constantly working to eliminate the harmful pests that could infiltrate your property at any time throughout the year. When we perform pest control for your business, we will always build treatments to your specific needs and these methods will always be driven by science.

Each time we visit your property, we always provide comprehensive inspections to understand the pest pressures that you face. In addition to treatments, we'll install a pest monitoring system for added protection. When you partner with us, you will always benefit from 24-hour service, environmentally friendly pest products, detailed reporting, and prompt service. Because of our background, we are also able to handle a variety of industries such as hotels, office buildings, restaurants, warehouses, and schools. To learn more about our commercial pest control services in Long Island, please call us today.

Why It Is So Dangerous To Have Rodents In Your Long Island Home

Rodents may seem harmless, but it is actually very dangerous to have them in your Long Island home. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Property damage: Rodents need to constantly chew in order to keep their front teeth from overgrowing. This may lead them to gnaw at walls, insulation, electrical wires, and furniture. 
  • Other pests: This danger is lesser known but very important to note, because rodents can spread fleas, mites, and ticks, which are linked with Lyme disease, heartworm, and murine typhus. 
  • Health issues: Rodents usually leave behind droppings, saliva, and urine that are linked with hantavirus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and an increase in allergies and asthma. 
  • Difficult nature of elimination: Rodents are so dangerous to have in your home because they are notoriously difficult to eliminate. They are nocturnal, adaptive, live in hard-to-reach areas, and reproduce nearly every six to eight weeks. These factors usually allow rodent problems to perpetuate, which is risky in itself.

For more information on rodent control in Long Island, call EM Pest Control today.

How Did These Ants Get Into My Long Island Home?

Ants are one of the craftiest pests that can end up in your Long Island home, so don’t be surprised if you come across an infestation in your kitchen or bathroom. They are primarily attracted to sweet, sugary, and syrupy substances, so something as simple as having recycling that needs to be taken out can create issues for you. Other situations that can present you with ants include leaving crumbs behind after mealtime, letting dirty dishes stack up in the sink, having leaky pipes, and even having soap or shampoo spills in the shower.

Because ants are so small, they are able to fit through nearly any crack that they discover around your property. This may mean they get in through crevices in your foundation, but it can also mean they use gaps underneath doors or walk through open windows that don’t have proper window screens. It’s also possible to bring ants inside your home via packages and outdoor gear. To learn more about ant control, call EM Pest Control today. 

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