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Elmont is a largely residential hamlet situated on Long Island. This close-knit community draws lots of families and working professionals because it’s only a moment away from boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn while also maintaining a suburban feel. Living in Elmont also means having easy access to the UBS Stadium, Long Island’s beautiful beaches, and international travel. But even places like Elmont see their fair share of pest problems from time to time.

At EM Pest Control, we help homeowners and businesses find relief from pests with our premium pest control in Elmont. As a locally owned business, we understand the pest problems that you face unlike anyone else. Our team of expertly trained technicians receives continuous hands-on educational seminars and is ready to help you find solutions. We are dedicated to always staying on top of the latest methods and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. For more information on our services, please call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Elmont

At EM Pest Control, we provide pest control in Elmont that will keep your home pest-free throughout the year. As a locally owned business, we believe in taking care of our neighbors. To this effect, we use environmentally friendly products, have the most well-trained technicians, and always have someone available to answer your questions.

Our general pest control services are always tailored to your needs and use the latest technology. The services we provide are comprehensive and will address the entire interior and exterior of your home, as well as nests and all of the hard-to-reach entry points that pests use. In order to completely eliminate pests, we may recommend follow-up visits. To learn more about protecting your home with residential pest control in Elmont, please call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Elmont

No matter how diligent you are about cleaning your business property, you can still end up with a pest problem if you don’t have the right protection. At EM Pest Control, we deliver reliable pest control in Elmont so that you don’t have to worry about pests. We are a locally owned team that is dedicated to providing safe and effective services. Each of our technicians receives routine hands-on training and we always use the latest methods and techniques.

There is no job that we can’t do, which is why we believe in full customization. When you call us, we’ll begin by performing a property inspection to gather the information that we need to build out your plan. This means that whether you run a school or a store, we can work with you to create a pest-free environment. All of our services are environmentally friendly and we provide 24-hour service. For more information on our commercial pest control services in Elmont, please call us today. 

Six Bed Bug Myths Elmont Property Owners May Still Believe

Bed bug infestations in Elmont are a problem that most property owners face at one time or another; however, there are still many misconceptions and myths about them. Here are six:

  1. It’s impossible to bring bed bugs into your own home or business. 
  2. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is with DIY products. 
  3. Having bed bugs will not impact my health at all. 
  4. Once I’ve had a bed bug outbreak, I can’t get another one. 
  5. Only dirty, unhygienic properties get bed bugs, not mine because I clean it often. 
  6. If I don’t see bed bugs, then I don’t have them. 

At EM Pest Control, we provide bed bug control that will keep properties safe without fail. Our highly skilled technicians utilize the latest technologies in order to completely eliminate bed bugs from a property. We will also make sure that all of our customers have information on preventing future issues as well. For more information on bed bug removal, call us today.

Three Things Elmont Residents Can Do to Avoid Rodents

Rodents look for homes like the ones in Elmont to provide them with the sustenance they need and the shelter they require to nest. But once these furry animals get inside, they can be the source of serious problems like property damage and health issues.

Here are three things that residents can do to keep their homes protected:

  1. Seal off points of entry. To actually keep rodents from getting into a home, it’s important to fill any of the openings that they could take advantage of. Look for dime-sized cracks or bigger and fill them with materials like silicone-based caulk, steel wool, and wire mesh. 
  2. Be meticulous about cleaning. Rodents will eat anything they find, which is why it’s important to take cleaning seriously. Take out the trash frequently, sweep the floor to get any sneak crumbs, and disinfect countertops to avoid residue build-up. 
  3. Fix any moisture irregularities. Another thing that rodents seek is moisture, so utilize dehumidifiers in closets and basements, and fix leaky pipes. 

When dealing with rodents, there’s no replacement for professional rodent control, call EM Pest Control today for more information. 

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