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What To Do If A Wasp In Long Island Has Stung You

September 15, 2022 - Wasps

What is the most dangerous pest in Long Island? You might assume that it is the wasp. We will take some time today to talk about these stinging insects and the danger they bring to local properties. If you want to learn more about wasps today and what to do if you are stung by this pest in Long Island, here is what you should know. To have a wasp nest removed from your property, call our team at EM Pest Control. We offer fast-working treatments to address any type of pest threat that might mean you or your family harm. 

Are These Wasps Outside My Home?

There are many intimidating-looking insects that fly around here in Long Island. Wasps are fairly easy to identify as they are sleeker and have obvious stingers. Some species are brighter in color and have yellow and black patterns. Other wasps have long, thin waists. The largest species in our area is the eastern cicada killer wasps which grow to be up to two inches long. Thankfully, they are not as aggressive as other area species as they are solitary and do not have a queen to protect. Species that you should avoid include the paper wasp and the yellow jacket wasp. If you don’t know where to check for nests, here are some common areas to look:

  • On the branches of trees
  • Under the eaves of buildings
  • Inside sheds and other outbuildings
  • Within holes on your property
  • On the side of buildings

Depending on the species, wasps may live in aerial nests, mud nests, or underground. If you identify a nest on your property or see wasps buzzing around, be sure to call the professionals for wasp control solutions.

Why Wasps Invade Local Properties

Wasps are a lot like bees in that they pollinate local plant growth and enjoy eating sweet things. Some species will also consume insects and other forms of protein. When these pests invade local properties, they do so for a reason. Most often, it is to find food. Wasps might find food inside garbage bins, inside budding plants like flowers, and by hunting for insects and other local critters. Yellow jackets and paper wasps will sometimes enter properties looking for holes to build their nests inside. If you have trouble with ground pests like moles, voles, or gophers, a wasp problem could follow. 

Treating A Wasp Sting The Simple Way 

Wasp stings are painful – there is no denying this. The question is, what should you do if you are stung by a wasp? If there are more wasps around that look aggressive, quickly remove yourself from the area until they leave you alone. To treat a single string, we recommend taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and washing the sting area with soap and water. Using hydrocortisone cream can reduce redness, itching, and swelling. If you are stung by more than ten wasps, we recommend seeking medical attention. They will be able to better assess your risk and provide better medical assistance. If you are allergic to venom, a wasp sting could cause a more severe reaction. To find out if you are allergic, consult your doctor. 

Professional Wasp Control For Long Island Properties 

If you are looking into wasp control in Long Island, we recommend checking out our comprehensive services at EM Pest Control. We offer a range of detailed services, including wasp identification and removal services. All you have to do is let us know you need help.

Call today to find out more about pest control in Long Island and find the best way to get rid of a wasp nest by utilizing our team.


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