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Simple & Effective Fly Control Tips For Nassau County Homes

May 14, 2021 - Flies

Even some of the most common insects can pose dangers that you don’t normally think of. Flies, for instance, are more than just annoying. They can introduce nasty diseases to your property and lead to the spread of other pests that hunt them. Learning how to prevent these populations is important for curbing overall pest problems.

Common Invasive Fly Species

You probably don’t care much about identifying a fly beyond noting that they are constantly buzzing around your face and it’s a nuisance. But identifying the problem is the first step in fixing it. Additionally, certain flies pose unique health dangers. Here are some of the most common varieties of flies in Nassau County:

  • House Fly: Some pests are so common, they simply get their name from where we tend to find them. House flies are linked to dozens of diseases, because they are born in moist decaying matter, like garbage and animal droppings. They’re noted for the gray stripes down their backs.
  • Fruit Flies: To make matters worse, some flies go right for our food. Fruit flies have bright red eyes and are attracted to sugary foods like fruits.
  • Phorid Fly: These flies look a lot like fruit flies but they are known for making nests inside of damp drains, making them far harder to control and eliminate.

Tips To Prevent Infestations

Pest control is really about addressing the factors that attract pests and limiting the access points that allow them to get inside. There are two general areas you should focus on when trying to keep flies out of your home. The first is your windows and their screens. A torn screen is a wide-open entrance for flies to land near and crawl through. If windows are open then it’s a simple matter to get inside, but even loose-fitting windows can provide enough of a gap for a tiny fly to crawl through. The other common entrance for bugs is your door. Flies can obviously fly right in through an open door and even get sucked inside by the gust that results from opening and closing your porticos. In addition to screens, you should also consider installing weather stripping and door sweeps that reduce gaps that bugs can easily crawl through.

The second component in pest control is reducing attractants around your property that bugs are drawn to. With flies, the two biggest attractants are food and moisture. On the food side, there are a number of considerations. First, you shouldn’t leave food out, especially sugary items or meats that create strong aromas for bugs to follow. You also need to deep clean regularly, because food crumbs or spills can provide pests with more than enough to survive. Make sure to address buildup underneath heavy appliances and other tough-to-reach areas. Don’t forget that your trash is another source of food and should be inaccessible to pests. On the moisture side, there’s a whole lot of ways that water buildup can attract flies and only so many ways you can easily address these kinds of problems. The best things to do include addressing leaking pipes and spills quickly, and keeping the drains around your property as dry as possible. You should also address areas of your home where steam or water vapor tends to hang in the air or pool on surfaces, like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Proper ventilation and pipe maintenance not only reduce pest attractants, but these steps can also save you from water damage that makes a pest’s task of getting inside even easier.

The last and most important pest control tip is to contact the pros. At EM Pest Control, our trained staff knows all the different kinds of annoying and dangerous pests that can invade your yard and home. We not only provide thorough inspections that help clue you into pest infestations early and address attractants, but we can also quickly and safely eliminate existing pest problems. Rather than trying to keep up on all the small things that can attract flies or other bugs, the best way to ensure your home never has a bug problem is to turn to overall treatments that shield your property and drive all kinds of pests away. Contact EM Pest Control to get started today.


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