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Keep Raccoons Off Of Your Nassau County Property

February 15, 2022 - Wildlife

Although you might not see them often, raccoons are common in Nassau County. Because they are nocturnal, this animal sleeps in hollow logs, abandoned dens, and large holes in trees during the day and scavenge for food at night. Raccoons have gray and black fur, a stocky, round body about two to three feet in length, a ringed tail, and a black “mask” across their eyes. They are known for getting into garbage cans and making a mess.  

If they feel threatened, raccoons can attack and transmit different diseases to both people and animals. Property owners with a raccoon problem shouldn’t try to get rid of them on their own. Expert wildlife control is the safest way to deal with these animals. 

Below, you can read more about the problems raccoons can cause and what to do if they are on your property or in your house.

Is Wildlife Infestation Common In Nassau County?

Wildlife infestations are a common issue for many residents of Nassau County. People live alongside critters like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums. Because of this close proximity, wildlife will often make their way onto a property and even inside if there is an opportunity. Knowing this, it is essential to have pest control experts that you can trust for wildlife control.

Who Do I Call If There Are Baby Raccoons In My Attic?

Admittedly, baby raccoons are pretty cute, and while young raccoons born in an attic don’t pose many health concerns to people, the mother raccoon can. Raccoons have known carriers of rabies and can also transmit leptospirosis, roundworms, giardiasis, E. coli, and salmonella. 

In general, any animals that aren’t pets living in your home should be removed as they will only cause problems.

Nassau County property owners should contact EM Pest Control for Wildlife removal services if any raccoons are found living in the attic. With our skills, knowledge, and expertise, you can have a pest-free home. 

Contact us at EM Pest Control to learn more about how we can help with raccoons and other wildlife on your Nassau County property. 

Can Raccoons Break A Window Screen?

If you have ever seen a raccoon’s paws, you know they use their front two like hands. This means they can open garbage cans, doors, and lift latches with relative ease. Not only do their paws act like hands, but they also have long claws, which they can use to rip through window screens.

How Do I Keep Raccoons Out Of My Yard?

Keeping raccoons and other wildlife out of your yard can be challenging. These critters are opportunists and clever. Below are several tips to reduce the factors that attract raccoons and other wildlife to your home and help to keep them out:

  • Never feed wildlife!
  • Keep your yard clean and clear of debris like dead trees, leaf piles, and excess foliage. This should also include fallen fruit and overgrown gardens. 
  • Fence in your yard and gardens.
  • Use garbage cans that cannot be easily knocked over and have a tight-fitting lid.
  • While there are bird feeders designed to keep unwanted animals away, seeds that fall to the ground can still be attracting critters, so it may be best to remove feeders altogether. 
  • Use outdoor lights at night to deter nocturnal animals like raccoons.

If you have raccoons in your yard, you should contact the experts at EM Pest Control for wildlife removal services. Don’t approach or try to remove raccoons on your own!


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