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Is It Dangerous To Have Raccoons On My Nassau County Property?

February 23, 2021 - Wildlife

There are dangerous creatures, and then there are those that you look at and have to ask yourself, "would I get hurt if I tried to pet that?" In the case of raccoons, it is not hard to be allured by their adorable masks, furry paws, and somewhat innocent eyes. All of this takes into consideration the person looking at the raccoon has no idea what it is. If you know even a little bit about these masked night bandits, you know they are not the type of creature you walk up and try to pet. The question is, are they dangerous? To help you better understand raccoons and the threats they pose to homeowners here in Nassau County, this is what you should know.

Raccoons Are Creatures Of The Night

Raccoons are nocturnal by nature and spend their nights scavenging for food and things to drink. They have adapted this way as it is easier to loot and pillage neighborhoods when people are not awake. You may have heard about these pests climbing into dumpsters or knocking over trash cans. As a basic rule, a raccoon will do just about anything that isn't life-threatening to get a bite to eat. In rare cases, these pests will even come indoors and steal food from kitchens and other living areas. If you find one of these masked bandits in your kitchen late at night, do not interact with it. Without getting close, give it an exit route out of your home and encourage it from a distance to shoo.

Raccoons Are Clever Pests

There are many things a raccoon is, and dumb isn't one of those things. Raccoons are one of the most intelligent creatures around that still eat garbage. You can see their intelligence in the way they scavenge for food, avoid danger, and get into places they don't belong. On a more scientific note, raccoons have been tested and are proven to be smarter than cats but less intelligent than monkeys.

Raccoons Are Destructive

All raccoons are born with dexterous fingers. They use these digits to open trash cans, climb the side of structures, and cause property damage. The majority of this damage happens higher up inside structures. One common problem with raccoons is that they get into attic spaces and tear things up in order to gather materials for their nests, including things like fabrics, cardboard boxes, books, and used furniture. If you have outdoor storage areas or unsecured outbuildings, raccoons may cause damage in these areas as well.

Raccoons Are Dangerous

As threat levels go, raccoons are not the most dangerous creatures in our area; this doesn't mean they are harmless, just that you are unlikely to get hurt by one of these pests as long as you are cautious. The two ways raccoons injure homeowners are by attacking them directly and by spreading disease. Sick raccoons that get into attic spaces leave their fecal matter and urine on floors. These excretions carry dangerous bacteria that can be a threat to homeowners.

What To Do About The Raccoons Around Your Property

If raccoons are regularly causing trouble around your Uniondale property, your first response should be to get the experts at EM Pest Control involved. Our dedicated technicians know how to handle these nighttime bandits and have the advanced equipment and pest control strategies needed to get the job done right.

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