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How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants Around Your Long Island Property

March 15, 2023 - Ants

Long Island homeowners have a lot of pests to worry about. There are many different types that are attracted to area residences and each of them have different habits and skills that take special knowledge to address. Ants are one of the area pests, and they are frequently encountered around homes. Due to their small size, ants can get into almost any dwelling. If they find something they like while they are there, they will not only stay but will also notify other ants, who will then come as well. 

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How To Tell If It's Pavement Ants On Your Property 

The single biggest identifying feature of pavement ants is that they prefer to nest under concrete and pavement. They are frequently encountered by driveways and walkways. Pavement ants are approximately one-eighth of an inch long, and are most often seen moving in lines or trails. Two very characteristic identifying features of pavement ants are that their legs are lighter in color than the rest of their bodies, and they have very characteristic dark lines on their heads and thorax. 

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How Dangerous Are Pavement Ants?

Pavement ants are not aggressive, and are not known for venomous stings. They are considered more of a nuisance pest. Unfortunately, they are great explorers, and they have a wide, flexible diet that makes just about any food source in your home interesting to them. In fact, food availability is usually what brings pavement ants into your home. Pavement ants will contaminate any and all foodstuffs they infest, and they also pose the risk of contaminating any surface they walk across, like counters, cabinets, and dinnerware. 

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Why Home Remedies For Pavement Ants Don't Work

Pavement ants are difficult to address via DIY methods. Pavement ant colonies can number up to 10,000 strong, and given their preference for living under pavement or concrete, direct action is not possible. Pavement ants also don’t respond consistently to bait traps, and any members that they lose are easily replaced. Pavement ants are consistently among the most commonly encountered pest ants for Long Island residents.

Pavement ants are difficult to control without knowing the best ways to address them. If you need to get rid of pavement ants, EM Pest Control stands ready to help you. We have all of the training and experience we need for proper ant control near you. Call us today.

How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants On Your Lawn

Ants of all kinds are very good about getting into your home. Pavement ants bolster that capability with the habit of nesting under solid surfaces like pavement and concrete. Once they move into your yard they will consistently explore your house, and you will find yourself dealing with them constantly until they are eradicated. 

If you are struggling with pavement ants around your Long Island home, EM Pest Control knows how to help. Our technicians are well seasoned in all manner of pest control, and we know how to get rid of ants.


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