Roach Infestation & Frequently Asked Questions


German Cockroaches



Size: Adults range from 1/2 inch long - 5/8 inch long. The ootheca (egg capsule) range from 1/4 inch long - 3/8 inch long

Color: Light brown to tan with 2 dark almost parallel stripes on their backs and heads

 German Cockroaches are the most common indoor roach species found in inner city homes and pose a serious threat to human health. One or two roaches can quickly become a heavy infestation in a matter of weeks. Female German Cockroach drops an ootheca (egg capsule) and each egg capsule contains 40 eggs. The eggs will hatch within a month. A single female German Cockroach will produce 5 ootheca. The development time from an egg to adult is 103 days on average. The picture below is what the German Cockroach ootheca looks like:

Infestations are mainly found in kitchens and bathrooms where water, food, and harborages are abundant. Harborages include cracks and crevices under countertops, sinks, void under cabinets, on the sides and behind drawers and peeling paint.

Commercial facilities certainly see their share of these pests for reasons such as deliveries of equipment, supplies and food, including poor sanitation.

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We conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business property to determine the extent of the infestation and where the infestation is most heaviest. We work with you, identifying any sanitation issues and/or moisture problems. Whether they're in the cabinets, appliances, baseboards, under sinks and/or loose floor covering, they can run but they can't hide from our specially trained technicians!


Brown-banded Cockroaches


Size: Adults are about 1/2 inch long. The ootheca (egg capsule) is about 1/4 inch long

Color: Light brown to brown. The ootheca is light brown

 Brown-banded Cockroach closely resembles the German Cockroach both in size, shape and color. Like German Cockroaches, Brown-banded roaches can be found in large numbers within structures in New York and Long Island. In fact its common to find both species of roaches in structures, especially commercial properties. There are differences in habits and breeding between the two species. Brown-banded roaches are attracted to light, whereas German roaches prefer darkness. Neither do they have a high moisture requirement. In structures, they're often found inside appliance motors, toasters, TV sets, picture frames, light switches, furniture, ceilings and computers. These areas provide just what they're looking for - warm areas of about 80 degrees.

A single female Brown-banded Cockroach will lay 14 ootheca and each ootheca contains about 18 eggs. The development time from an egg to an adult averages from 90-276 days depending on the temperature and conditions.


American Cockroach


Size: Adults range from 1 1/4 inch long to 2 1/8 inch long. The ootheca (egg capsule) is 3/8 inch long

Color: Adults are reddish brown. The ootheca (egg capsule) is dark reddish to brown


American Cockroach are often referred to as water bugs. This pest tends to harbor and breed in warm, dark, moist locations such as sewers, gutters and damp basements. They can also be found in yards during the summer months in damp areas. They have been spotted in large numbers in dark, wet alleys and in and around outside garbage dumpsters. One way American Cockroaches can enter structures is through the sewer systems via drains.

A single female American Cockroach can lay up to 14 ootheca and each ootheca contains 16 eggs. The eggs will hatch in 1-2 months. The development time from an egg to an adult is between 6-12 months the image below is what the ootheca looks like:

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Oriental Cockroaches


Size: Adults males are 1 inch and the females are 1 1/4 inch. The ootheca (egg capsule) is 3/8 inch

Color: Shiny black but varies from dark reddish to brown. The ootheca is dark brown or reddish


Oriental Cockroaches closely resemble American Cockroaches. Like the American Cockroaches, Oriental roaches prefer dark, moist areas but are often found in large numbers in cooler environments such as crawlspaces, cool damp basements, cellars, under leaves, sewers, garbage containers, and refuse compactors. 

When overcrowding occurs within their environments, they will move to upper floors by climbing water pipes, They often enter buildings through utility pipes and air ducts, floor drains and unscreened ventilators.

A single female Oriental Cockroach will lay about 8 ootheca and each ootheca contains about 16 eggs. Female Oriental Cockroach will deposit her ootheca within 30 hours. The development time from an egg to adult is about 200 days depending on the temperature and conditions.