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At EM Pest Control, we're not the typical pest control company that just comes to your home or business, spray pesticide and drive away to the next call. First, we provide you with a thorough inspection to determine why and how pests are invading your property and structure. Second, because each home and commercial property is different and the level of infestation is not the same we customize a plan of attack with solutions that fits your specific needs. Third, we treat the infested areas where pest breed and hide often with little or no pesticide. Follow-up inspections are made so we can monitor progress and solve your pest problems.

You'll have a peace of mind knowing that your pest concerns are taken care of quickly, safely and effectively.


We Provide Service, Solutions & Satisfaction For:


 Crawling Pests:

Ants                Crickets            Sow Bugs           Millipedes           Rodents            Stink Bugs

Roaches              Snails              Bed bugs            Earwigs             Ticks            Boxelder Bugs

  Spiders              Slugs               Centipedes          Silverfish            Fleas                Beetles       


 Flying & Stinging Pests: 

  Flies                    Hornets

Bees                    Moths

       Wasps                  Mosquitoes 


Wood Destroying Pest:



 Carpenter Ants



Wood Boring Beetles


Wildlife Removal:

Racoons - OpossumsSquirrels


Our Mission:

 To provide our customers with the safest, most effective and highest quality treatments in all the communities we service. We're committed to continuing education, research, and scientific data of disease-carrying rodents, insects and nuisance pests. We have the know how to help keep homes and businesses pests free. 

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 Pollinator Health

Late Summer & Fall Pests:



Paper Wasps

Paper Wasp

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bee



Don't let these late summer and early fall pests keep you indoors. We have the perfect pest control service and solutions to get rid of these pests for good!

      Who knew? Stinging insects  send more than 500,000 people to the ER every year! 


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